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How much is Thora Birch Net Worth in 2021?

Thora Birch has an estimated net worth of $8 Million. The net-worth includes income and assets earned in various sectors.


More About Thora Birch

Actress who gave an unforgettable performance as Jane Burnham in the 1999 Academy Award had won film American Beauty. The subsequent year, she appeared in Dungeons and Dragons and The Smokers. She included memorable childhood credits such as Hocus Pocus, Now & Then and Alaska.. The Data and Content have been edited by Flickthinkers team, It has been moderated and suggested edits 6 times by our community. She starred in Hocus Pocus with Sarah Jessica Parker.. This Content was last updated on 2021-06-02 04:19:27.

Thora Birch Birthday

Thora Birch was Born on March 11, 1982.

How old is Thora Birch ?

Thora Birch is 38 years old.

Thora Birch Birthday Counter

Number of days left for next birthday: 270 Days

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Facts and Family of Thora Birch

She was dating Bill Maher in 2004. She does have a younger brother named Bolt who also is an actor.. Thora Birch Popularity on Flickthinkers Celebrities is in top 1-10 Percent. Its Net Worth Rank Popularity is top (20-30) Percent. In 2001, she had co-starred alongside Scarlett Johansson in the comedy drama Ghost World.


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Birthplace of Thora Birch /Where was Thora Birch Born?

Thora Birch was born in Los Angeles in 1982

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Starting Days of Thora Birch

She had been seen in Burger King, California Raisins & Quaker Oats commercials amidst the 1980s. 

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Sun sign and Characteristics

Thora Birch sun sign or horoscope sign is Pisces.
People belonging to Pisces generally have characterisitcs like: Their graciousness and creative soul make their relationships passionate and fantastic, bringing about profound, otherworldly associations. They are Water component of the zodiac which makes them emotional and caring. Compassion and kindness are two of Their biggest strengths. Also, they most probably have an artistic side and would listen to music or get artistic when alone.

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Thora Birch in a nutshell

This Article Covers Thora Birch net worth, Age, Height, Birthday, Biography, Family, career and more.
Thora Birch by Profession is Movie Actress.
Thora Birch
Popularity on Flickthinkers: Top 1-10 Percent
Net Worth Popularity: top (20-30) Percent

Net Worth: $8 Million

Birthday: March 11, 1982

Age: 38 years old

Birthplace: Los Angeles

Sunsign: Pisces

Popularity on Flickthinkers: Top 1-10 Percent

Updated: 2021-06-02 04:19:27