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Finally Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date and Plot theory you must know

Finally Solo Leveling Season 2 release has been announced in China and Korea, Which got its fans from across a great cheer, A lot of fake dates had been circulating and hopefully all come to a rest.

Surely Not a Lot of Korean Anime gets So much popularity as did The Solo Leveling thats why when the Season Two For the Solo Leveling  was announced it was an Awesome news for All the fans of the game and Show. Scroll Down to check the Release date for Season 2.

Fans had been demanding the anime version on TV for so long but that dream was still far fetched. Solo Leveling had a complete niche set of fans because of its outrageous action packed protagonist that we would not get to see as often.

Solo Leveling Season 2

Fans were expecting the second season because of the cliffhanger ending and because the novel can provide a story for 100+ more chapters. SO the next season was inevitable, it was just a matter of when and now then it is closer than ever let’s look at plot, spoilers and other details you need to know. Scroll Down to check the Release date for Season 2.

Solo Leveling Series had been based on the graphic Book of the name(Solo Leveling). WebToon had begun the Manhwa Earlier in 2018 March and the very first Season had ended with concluding the 110th Chapter. 

Plot/Theory/Storyline of Solo Leveling:

The Plot will circulate around the world which will be full of terrifying demons and monsters . A small gang of pupil who were called by the name of (Predators) had tough times with them.

The main Protagonist of this series is Sing Jin-woo, who would be nothing like the predators, He doesn’t have any special or particular Skillset. He is The chosen one of the E-Hunters among the predators.

The Sources had revealed that the Season Two Story would be following from earlier storyline.

(Spoiler If you hadn’t seen Season 1)In the earlier Season one Jin-woo had beaten King Ant, and proceeded to further go to hunt for his father. The next season would be witnessing more about his father and if he would be able to locate him crossing the obstacles and the dangerous challenges Set in front of him.

Solo Leveling had always felt apart from the same genre series (So was the game) and also as compared to other typical Shounen Manhwa. The Only Similarity that could be drawn to this would be to the One Punch Man, Which had similar kind of sequences, The male protagonist being a prodigy has been insanely skilled showing off some amazing action shots.

Release Date Solo Leveling

The good news is that it being renewed for Season 2 and the delay in release cause of the Pandemic is behind, The show will soon be coming around in August in China and probably sooner in Korea, We in North America and in English hope to Be seeing in English by the End of This year.

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