Movies which are better than Die Hard

Die Hard in Hollywood set a blueprint for action movies for 30 years, but many movies improvised on it. 


Die Hard is not only the greatest action movie which has been ever made, but also one of the best Christmas films. While Bruce Willis ( John McClane) not only set a blueprint for many movies to follow.

We can argue that many of the movies which have followed the footsteps of Die Hard over the past three decades have not only improved their winning formula which was initially devised by writers Jeb Stuart and Steven e. de Souza and directed by McTiernan.

Die Hard may have proven that it is a difficult act for any movie to follow, but all these efforts which are well worth seeking out. Just take a look at these examples…

Air Force One

Harrison Ford Air Force One movie directed by Wolfgang Petersen has taken the Die Hard formula airborne and brilliantly executed the action thriller. Harrison Ford stars as President James Marshall, a Vietnam Veteran and a leader of the free world, who is forced into action after a group of Communist Soviet Radicals hijack Air Force One along with his family and fellow American leaders on-board. 

Director Wolfgang Petersen was a go-to filmmaker who has directed well-paced thrillers in the decade of the ’90s and having already directed In The Line of Fire and Outbreak earlier, yet again excelled with Air Force One Movie. 

Sudden Death

Director Peter Hymans and Jean-Claude Van Damme re-teamed again after the movie Timecop for the sports-focused riff on Die Hard. Van Damme plays the role of Darren McCord who is a former fireman who is tasked to foil a group of terrorists who holding Vice President and attendees of the Seventh Game of NHL Stanley Cup finals as hostages.

Sudden Death may lack some wit of Die Hard but makes it superior with action set pieces.


The year 2020 may not be a great year for much in the world of movies, but it did deliver this unique take on the format of Die Hard. Lulu Wilson, the emerging star introduced as titular Becky, a problematic teenager who finds her weekend with her emotionally distant father who is disrupted by the group of Neo-Nazi convicts. Who didn’t expect a home alone-Esque traps and cunning of the heroine Lulu Wilson, a game of cat and mouse starts.

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