About Us

The idea of Flickthinkers.com was born in the year 2021 and finding out about the information provided about celebrities net worth and biography is not accurate after performing multiple searches on dozens of celebrities.

Flickthinkers was launched with the idea of gathering most of information about all the celebrities and start displaying the information to the fans of those celebrities.

The team is very small, who are curious and came together to launch flickthinkers.com.

The data displayed on website is based on the financial analysis, market research, publicly available information and inside sources and we gathered all the information in last of couple of months before we launched the website. At a minimum we know and considers salaries, real estate holdings, divorce records, royalties, lawsuits, and endorsements to calculate the net worth of celebrity.

The information and results displayed are fact checked and confirmed by a team of editors. We work diligently to ensure the information displayed is most accurate and current celebrity net worth then the information you can find else where.

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